Best Geocache Apps of this year

Geocaching is an outdoor activity that because all the rage, gets people outdoors and interacting with the environment around them. The premise is based on hide and seek, and we have all played that game as kids. Basically, users will hide containers and capsules in the real world and give coordinates of the locations of the caches or ‘geocaches.’

The containers usually have a logbook and pencil inside them where you sign the log with your codename and the day’s date to prove you found the location of that individual cache. You then put the cache back in the same location and continue your hunt for more caches in the world. There are larger cache boxes that players hide too that have tradable things inside them, such as toys or trinkets.

Geocaching relies on GPS in order for people to play the game so you will need a device that allows you to use GPS navigation to input coordinates of caches. But which app is the best to use when playing Geocaching? Here we will look at the best three Geocaching apps you can use to find new treasures.

Best Geocache Apps

3 – Cachly


The reason this one is at number 3 on the list even though it is really good is that it is iOS only and that is bad news for Android users. Cachly is fun and easy to use, it syncs with your account from and stores all the information you need to hunt your first cache in the world. You can benefit from the following things

  • Download caches
  • Choose from map options
  • Has an advanced sorting feature that allows you to find caches by size, find trackables and look for types of caches.

Users add Cachly friends using their geocache usernames so you’ll be able to find people like you wherever you may be. It is a paid-only app though and if you have never experienced Geocaching before you may want to consider a free alternative first.

AVAILABLE:- iOS only and costs $4.99 per month

2 – Geocaching


The only reason I have put this at number 2 on the list is that it has such exclusive parts to it through its premium aspect and the free version is super simplistic, which kind of sucks because it is a really great app all in all. This is the official app for geocaching, the features on it are free to use and include different things such as:

  • Live Search
  • Cache details
  • Trackables
  • Geotour access
  • Ratings

The premium version of the app is top-notch if you want to buy it and if you are a serious player this one is definitely for you, you can find literally any geocache in the world. Which is crazy right? The whole world is literally your treasure map, not useful for those of us on limited travel or in the pandemic but hey, super cool feature. It included caches you can only get by becoming a premium member which is essential to any serious geocacher.

Available: iOS and Android platforms. It is Free but there is the Premium version for exclusives.

1 – Spyglass


Although Spyglass is not officially a geocaching app, I think it is so well done it deserves the top spot here on this list. Spyglass is an app for GPS and off-road navigation which is everything you need for geocaching and that’s why you can use it for this. It has a great user-friendly interface that looks amazing as well as is easy to use. The features of this app have to be top because they are so extensive:

  • Binoculars
  • Heads up display
  • Offline maps
  • Speedometer
  • Altimeter
  • Star Finder
  • Hi-Tech Compass

You literally have everything you could ever need for geocaching all in one app which is going to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to finding the hidden caches in the world. The only thing with this app is it is paid only, which honestly shouldn’t put you off because it is worth the money. You can’t buy all that equipment for the amount it will cost you in a subscription and it save you hauling a backpack of stuff around with you on your walks, it will revolutionize geocaching for you.

Available: iOS and Android and costs $5.99.


In conclusion, geocaching is fun for everyone, it gets people out exercising and it helps to develop skills that we as a nation of technology users don’t depend on as much anymore such as orienteering. Geocaching is not a new fad by any means but it picked up more momentum especially in the summertime when the pandemic had the world shut down because it gave us a reason to go outside and enjoy ourselves.

Cachly and Geocaching are the go-to apps in general for geocaching but Spyglass should be used if this is a serious pastime for you, I cannot stress enough how good this app is, take it from someone that has done a degree in Archaeology if I had this app when I first started my course, my life would have been a whole lot easier than running around cliffs with mounds of equipment on my back to find the right location to dig in the rain.

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