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While television subscription deals in the United Kingdom vary from household to household between the likes of Sky, Virgin and BT, there is one constant throughout – Freeview.

Freeview is a collection of channels that are free to air for everyone with a television, and TV license, in the UK with millions of households in the UK having these channels and nothing else.

There are a number of apps currently on the market for Freeview users, with some allowing you to stream live Freeview television on the go while others showing you the tv guide listings for Freeview channels.

In this article, we are going to look at the best apps out there which all Freeview customers should have downloaded on to their mobile phones.

Best Freeview app – ranked

Freeview app

You’ll be surprised to hear that the best app for Freeview television users is the app that goes by the same name.

The Freeview app offers it all; live TV on the go, on demand shows and a comprehensive TV guide (you can check our best TV guide app list if you want a more in depth one!).

When you first open the app up, you will be asked to select your TV region in order for them to be able to show the correct shows for your location. You can do this by either allowing the app to use the location services on your phone or by entering in your post code.

Once you’re past this stage you are able to select which free streaming services you want to include on the app, from BBC iPlayer to ITV Hub. The more services you download and sign up to, the more you will be able to watch through the app.

One you’re in the app, it’s really easy to navigate and use. You are greeted by a nice looking tv guide which shows you everything that is currently on live, allowing you to select each and every one to bring up for information on the show and then watch live if you desire.

If the show is on an app that you haven’t installed then you will be asked to download the app and redirected directly to the app store page for that app.

The Freeview app also offers customers an on demand feature which allows users to watch some of their favourite Freeview shows if they missed them live.

The on demand page also provides customers with categories to help user hone in on the types of shows they are most interested in watching.


UKTV Play is another superb app for Freeview customers and one that doesn’t necessarily have to be used as an alternative to the Freeview app.

This app focuses on some of the lesser known Freeview channels, Dave, Drama and Yesterday.

These channels are popular with Freeview customers and this app gives them an opportunity to watch their favourite shows from these channels on demand whenever they want.

To use the app you first of all need to register for a free account via the homepage and then sign in. Once you’re in, you will find a nice looking app that is super easy and clear to navigate.

The home page is split into categories such as box sets, most popular and featured which all cover all three channels.

To narrow your search down to just one of the channels, you can use the ‘channels’ page which can be found on menu along the bottom of the screen.

These pages are essentially a carbon copy of the home page but tailored specifically to each individual channel.

One really cool feature of the app is the ‘My UKTV Play’ section. Via this section, users are able to add their favourite shows to their list and keep track of where they’re up to on any series that they’re watching.

It’s also a cool thing to look back on after a period of time to see how many different shows you’ve watched via the service.

TV Guide and Listings app

This app is pretty different to the other two apps we’ve mentioned in this article, but it’s still a useful for one to have if you’re a Freeview Customer.

While the Freeview app and UKTV Play are streaming services which allow customers to watch Freeview channels live and/or on demand, the TV Guide and Listings app provides users with a comprehensive TV guide.

When you load the app up, select Freeview/your region to gain access to the relevant TV guide. From here, you will be able to see what’s on your Freeview channels all week and find out more information about each show by selecting on them.

If you choose to connect any free streaming apps to your account then you will also have the option to be redirected to any live or on demand shows available on these apps.

The app does a really good job of signposting the best upcoming Freeview shows as well as showing you the best live shows that are currently on.

In addition to these categories, they also display the best shows in certain niches such as sports, films and documentaries.

Another great feature on the app is the watch list. Within this section of the app, users are able to add shows that they are in the middle of watching so they can keep track of what episode they’re on.

They can also tick them off as ‘seen’ once they’ve completed a series.


To conclude, all three apps are absolutely worth getting if you are someone who uses Freeview television.

If you’re happy to up your budget a little, then you could consider looking at paid TV show apps instead, as they’ll be able to give you a little more variety to choose from.

Though if you want to save your cash, all these add something different, with the Freeview app being the pick of the bunch due to the fact it offers live television on the go in addition to an on demand service.

All three apps can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices free of charge, so as long s you’ve got an internet connection, you’ll be able to watch your favourite TV shows on there.

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