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The app store has a huge collection of different apps to choose from, which can mean making a selection is difficult for iPhone users.

The App Store gives you the chance to discover apps that you may have never heard of before, from encyclopaedias to baseball game apps.

And fortunately, a good amount of those apps are free – here’s some of the best free iPhone apps you can download now.

Photoshop Camera Portrait Lens

Many cameras have filters that live on their screen but Photoshop Camera is one of the best on the market, made by Adobe.

The Photoshop camera includes fairly typical filters designed for making lunches look interesting to dazzling imaginative cuisine – you can also use film footage and classic artwork in the app too.

The Lens Library lets you select another filter for your virtual photo, and all of it will be in realtime too.

Photoshop cameras can also be used for existing photos, so if you have a stacked gallery to have some fun with, it’s definitely worth downloading.

Uber eats

Uber has a redesigned their app that makes for a great food delivery app, and it’s worth downloading for free if you plan on ordering food in the near future.

Ubereats is an extension of Uber’s ridesharing initiative β€” Uber is an innovative ridesharing service that takes care of food delivery.

Users can easily find their favourite restaurants and get food delivered to their house with just one click. So, if you’re looking for a good feast, the Uber Eats app is worth downloading.


Overcast is a great podcasting app for iPhone that offers an excellent combination of clean design as well as powerful audio and podcasting functionality.

It’s an ideal option if you’re looking for a podcasting app that doesn’t cost anything, as it’s still one of the better free iPhone apps.

Overcast manages episode plays and downloads efficiently, and makes it really use to be downloaded and played offline too.

FaceTune Editor

Make your selfies better with the Facetune editor, which is one of the most effective iPhone apps for editing your photos.

Facetune helps improve smiles, reduce skin blemishes, and overall is great for editing your pictures.

It’s easy for users to change colors and saturations, and the comparison tools can allow you to view before and after so you can see their quality in detail.


Why don’t libraries have online apps? Libby is an app that’s a companion to Overdrive’s popular online media management tool which allows the user to access free ebooks and audiobooks at participating libraries.

This free app will give your library a digital resource that allows you to search titles with one tap and borrow eBooks – it’s available all over the world, with various local libraries signing up to their scheme.

You may view books in the iPhone app or download them onto your iPad for easier reading if needs be.

Otter Voice Notes

Otter is a smart transcriber app allowing you to transcribe nearly any recording using their iOS app.

You also have the option to upload transcripts to the website, share transcripts with other groups, or use private links. It’s very easy to get an accurate translation of your voice using the Otter app.

Otter Voice note provides transcribed audio to the user every month for free, which makes it a useful feature to our list of free apps for iPhones.


Snapchat is still one of the most popular apps that you can download onto your iPhone today.

They offer simple apps for sharing fun pictures and videos with your friends – simple premise.

Messages sent on Snapchat disappear quickly from the receiver’s phone, meaning it’s great for secret sending.


TikTok is the successor to Vine, and is now one of the top free iPhone applications for viewing and sharing video clips online.

TikTak has a free-to-use video clip editor and video editing app for capturing music in 15 seconds – short snappy clips ideal for those with a short attention span .

TikTok has a mix of creatively funny, weirdly hilarious content which is short enough for consumption but still has a good variety in influencers.


Tasty is a great free recipe app that has a lot of visuals including images and videos that can help you learn how to cook.

It connects you with more than 2000 recipes and also offers personalised recommendations too. Vegans and those with dietary requirements may also use Tasty as it allows you to filter out the recipes you don’t want to see.

The search engine lets you filter by food, cuisine, or occasion if desired too, so if you’re looking for some new influence in the kitchen, Tasty is definitely worth a download.


YouTube has been around for a long time, but it’s still worth downloading the app onto your phone if you enjoy watching videos.

This YouTube app gives users the flexibility to view content whenever they want, wherever they want.

YouTube suggests content based upon the videos you have seen and allows you to subscribe to your favourite channels so you can watch your favourite channels. again and again.


Strava is a running and cycling app that has several intriguing functions that make the app useful for both competitive purposes but also for beginners too.

It tracks your running speed, distance and time then integrates all that with leaderboards, achievement and competitions. Strava offers a range of tracking applications, and it can be integrated with your Apple Watch too.

If you’re thinking about dusting off your old running sneakers then downloading the Strava app alongside of that is a great idea.


Elevate is a brain training app that can help users improve their overall focus and speech, with tons of mini games that are designed to give you a better memory.

Elevate also offers classes in reading and mathematics. Once you finish the exercise, you can see the performance in each category on an interactive graphic display screen, and you can track your progress over time.

Though you’ll need to pay for the full version of the app, you can download Elevate for free and get started today.


Tunity is an amazing software. This app is free for iOS, and it can stream the audio of any live video to your smartphone using an iPhone or iPod touch.

Just take your iPhone, scan the television and Tunity streams the sound through it to the headset and the speakerphone.

If you’ve ever sat in a bar without being able to hear what the television is actually playing, you’ll love the idea of the Tunity app.


If you’re thinking about learning a new language, then you may want to look at downloading the free language app Busuu.

The Busuu app on the iPhone is one of the best free language apps in the business. A recent update means that you can learn offline, and the app allows you to continue learning even if you don’t have internet access.

Though not as well known as other apps like Duolingo, Busuu is definitely worth downloading if you want to get started learning one of the other major languages. Look here for a full look at the Busuu app.


Regardless of what type of anime you enjoy, there’s a good chance that you’re gonna find something that you enjoy watching on CrunchyRoll’s free streaming service.

It has a huge amount of episodes for you to browse through, including Naruto, My Hero Academia and many more. You can also read Manga using the Crunchyroll platform too.

As one of the biggest anime streaming apps you can find, the free version of Crunchyroll is surprisingly good, and definitely worth a download.


Kik requires a user name to sign up to, but once you do you can join groups, send messages and make friendships within the app.

Kik provides group chats, photos, video and messaging – their target audience is primarily young people, but the truth is that millions of users sign into the Kik app every day.

If you’re looking for a new messaging app to use with your friends and family, Kik may be worth downloading.


The best free iPhone apps are with downloading to your iOS device as they won’t cost you a penny, and hopefully this list helps you to save some time when trying to find the best options.

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