Best football scores app for live results – Our pick

It goes without saying that football is far and away the biggest sport in the United Kingdom.

It has a huge effect on individuals and can impact on how good or bad a weekend is to millions of people. As a result, keeping up to date with the latest football scores is a big deal, with many wanting to track live scores.

While teletext provided this service 20 years ago, we now have mobile apps which can keep us bang up to date with the latest on football scores around the globe.

This may be useful for you if you’re out and can’t watch the games on television, or if you have a bet on and want to keep up to date with all of your selections.

In this article, we are going to look at the best football score apps around today which offer this service.

Best football scores app – Ranked


FlashScore is a very popular app used by millions of football fans which offers users the ability to keep up to date on the latest football scores from around the globe.

It covers an incredible amount of countries and leagues and provides more than just score updates.

The reason behind the name is because you will receive a flash, or a notification, whenever a goal goes in on any games that you choose to follow.

When you first open up FlashScore you are able to choose which sports and games you want to follow.

Assuming you select football, you will then be able to select which leagues you want to view and then subsequently which games.

To get alerts set up for a particular match you need to select the star next to that match. If you want alerts set up for a particular team on an ongoing basis then you can select the star on that teams profile.

While the main function of FlashScore is to provide users with score alerts, it does also provides commentary function which allows users to keep bang up to date with what’s going on in greater detail.

This functionality is available for all the biggest games, but won’t be an option for smaller games where score alerts will be the only option available.

As per a recent update to the app, certain games now offer audio commentary, too.

As FlashScore knows that a lot of its users will be using the app to keep track of their bets, the app has embedded live odds which link directly to various different bookmakers should you want to place an in-play bet while following a certain game.

It’s probably the best app for live football scores app when it comes to live sports scores, as it’s usually updated almost instantly.

All in all, FlashScore is a really good app for football scores and one that is continuously updating and getting even better.

It doesn’t have a great deal of live commentary though, and there’s no way for you to watch match highlights through the app or website either – you can check out the best apps for live TV for that.

However, for a basic way to see match stats, the Premier League table and the UEFA Champions League results, it’s the best choice.



LiveScore is another football score app that works in a very similar way to FlashScore.

The app keeps you updated with score alerts, informs you of team line-ups, and allows you follow multiple teams across numerous different sports.

However, LiveScore goes even further than FlashScore in its service, offering users features that go above and beyond simply providing score updates.

When you sign up to the app you can select which teams and leagues you want to follow – you will receive notifications whenever there is a goal scored in any games containing your selected teams/leagues.

Don’t worry though – if you’d rather not select your favourites right away and work on a game by game basis you are still able to do this by using the star button in exactly the same way as you would on FlashScore.

One brilliant feature that LiveScore has which separates it from its competitors is the video section of the app.

This part of the app can be found on the bottom menu bar and provides a variety of different videos from short videos from football experts discussing certain games to live streams of certain games.

You are able to cast these live streams on to your television, meaning that you can watch live football via the app, on a bigger screen.

It is a step above most live score apps, and makes it one of the best football apps around.

Another cool feature within the app its the news section. This can also be found on the bottom menu bar and provides users with the latest news from the world of sports.

You can filter which news you see depending on your interests so that you don’t have to scroll through tennis news if you’re only interested in football.



SofaScore is another football score app which does the basic task of providing live score alerts to users well.

In a similar way to the previous two apps we’ve discussed, you are able to select which games and teams you want to follow and in turn receive live score updates from these selections.

Where SofaScore differs from its competitors, though, is in the fact that it provides comprehensive statistical data in relation to each and every match covered on the app.

These stats culminate together to give each player in each match a score out of 10, giving users an idea of who played well and who didn’t.

In addition to the various stats that users have access to via SofaScore, you are also able to interact with others on the app if you sign up for an account.

This adds a social element to the app, allowing you to converse with others during a big game to discuss all the talking points and meet likeminded individuals.

One final feature worth pointing out in relation to SofaScore is the TV schedule which covers various football leagues in your country.

This feature allows users to see which major sporting events are being shown on live tv throughout the week so you can plan how you’re going to spend your weekend and evenings in relation to live sport.


To conclude, while there are multiple different apps available to users in the UK for keeping up to date with the latest football scores, the three mentioned above are ahead of the competition at this moment in time.

If you find the BBC sport app not working, then you’ll want to check these football score apps out, as they’re good for team news and in-game stats.

All three have their own merits, but we hope the information provided above will help you to decide which one to download.

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