Best Font Apps for iOS & iPad

Fonts are a key feature on a document, and it’s important that you choose ones that are attractive and aesthetically appealing.

If you use stylish fonts in a document, it can transform a document’s appearance, document app’s appearance and web design.

We’re going to take a look at the most popular font apps available for Android and iOS that lets users use unique font styles on smartphones.

Keyboard Fonts++

Keyboard Fonts++ is a software development suite that allows you to quickly switch to up to 40 different fonts on your iPhone.

One of the good things about Fonts++ is that it can be synced with a variety of different apps on your iOS device. This includes your calendar, folders, work lists and more, which can give you much greater user personalisation.

You’ll be able to use these installed fonts across all of the different messaging apps that you have downloaded. You can also use it to write bios too, which is great if you want different font styles on apps like Instagram or TikTok.

If you want simplicity in a font keyboard app, this is undoubtedly the best option for custom fonts and cool variations on your social media bios.


If you’re looking for free fonts to use across some of your favourite apps, iFont is definitely a strong choice.

iFont has unique features for downloading font files in TTF, TTC, or OTF format. You can then install multiple different fonts at the same time, which is something that many other font apps don’t offer.

Along with using font collections simultaneously, it also has a wide variety to choose from, including Google Fonts and from DaFont, which has some of the best fonts available.

It is worth noting iFont’s compatibility with your iPhone, iPad and even your Macbook too. It’s worth checking out if you want to use custom fonts in some of your iPhone apps like Pages.

Cool Fonts

Cool Fonts is easily accessible from any iOS app, but it’s also available for Android users too. Some popular mobile apps that it works well with are Kik, Wechat and even Facebook Messenger.

It’s available on iPads too, and this is actually where some users might find it most useful, as it gives you the ability to create content that’s unique.

There’s also a premium version of this Font app, though it’s probably not worth signing up for unless you really need cursive and comic fonts. The free version is more than enough to let you know whether it’s worth downloading to your device.

Fonts for you

Currently, there are more than 100 fonts that work not only with your documents but all of the apps on your iPhone.

The fonts you can download to your profile are used primarily for social accounts like Facebook and Insta, but they can also be used to create engaging stories and communicate on newer apps like Snapchat, as well as in your iMessage app.

The fonts keyboard is also customisable in themes with colour options, like red blue and pink. And although it’s a free download, this app does not contain heavy advertising like other apps, which makes it much easier to use.

It’s also a good option if you want dark mode whilst you’re typing, as you can easily enable this too. It’s another solid font changer app that let’s you use its various font collections to make your iPhone a little cooler.


Fonteer makes it really easy for you to download fonts to your iPhone but also for your iPad, which allows you to design custom documents.

You can easily get the fonts from Fonteer emailed to you as a configuration profile via email. After receiving the font, the user is able to open them, extract them and then use them

Fonteer will work with most of your favourite iOS apps, which includes Pages and other apps like Word, Powerpoint, Keynote, and much more.

The app provides an easy way to browse and install fonts on your device with a single click, which makes it a solid choice if you want a font app for iPad or iPhone.


WhatTheFont is different from other iOS apps, since it allows users to copy and use the fonts of other applications.

User can upload images to the computer to show the font they want. The app will then work to identify the font shown, and then recommend that font or similar options that the user can use.

Though it’s an iOS app, this is typically a better choice on desktop as you’ll get much more in the way of customisation.

However, it may still be worth downloading for iOS if you want to discover some beautiful fonts on your device.

Font Diner

If you’re looking for more retro-style creative designs, you may want to check out this app called Font Diner.

It provides more than 400 unique font choices that can be used to give your device a different feel and style.

It can be used with all of the major Apple apps like Pages, Keynotes, and Numbers, making it a solid choice for iOS users.


Both iPhone and Android have many apps that provide font customisation for users. And, the good thing is that the best ones are often free, so you don’t need to worry about paying to change your font.

Using these font apps give you the ability to customise the user’s screen, messages, and images. So, you can scroll through the font apps above to get more custom fonts that you can use.

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