5 Best EQ Apps for iPhone to Modify Music

If you want the ability to customise your songs using EQ software, then there are a few apps that can do this for you.

EQs for iPhone allow the tweaking of music settings, and you can change the sound to suit your taste and improve your overall audio experience. There are various different apps that allow this, and we’re going to check out the best ones.

Best EQ for iPhone: Custom settings

Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

Boom is one of the most well known EQ apps. You can download and install Boom on iOS and Android.

The Boom app allows you to use built-in EQ options in the Music application or using the Equalizer options available when you’re using your headphones.

This application can also provide 3D surround sound testing, which can be extremely useful if you want to test out a new surround sound system to check its sound quality.

The adjustment gives you a good range from 8 to 16 bands, and the app is generally pretty good for both beginners but also more advanced users too.

The Boom app supports most streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, and Tidal, making it one of the best free EQ apps for iPhone.

Flacbox: FLAC Player Equalizer

Flacbox is an excellent iOS EQ App that supports multiple audio formats. It is a pretty well known app, and it can be used for music downloads as well being used as a bass booster.

You can use the included presets or customize them yourself if you wish to change them to your specifications.

The app will run smoothly on an iPhone or Android device, and there’s also a version designed for iPadOS too.

Streaming your favourite music directly through Spotify or your favourite streaming app will give you the ability to boost the bass of any songs, as well as improving its quality.

The application is capable of synchronizing the Apple Music library too, which is another reason why you may want to consider this simple EQ app.

Evermusic Pro: For Offline music

EverMusic Pro is an excellent choice if you’re looking to adjust EQ settings for iPhone with integrated offline playback.

The music player also includes an integrated EQ that allows you the ability to adjust any music playlist as you like.

It can play the most common song formats within the app and it gives you the ability to import songs from cloud storage apps to your Apple Music – you’re also free to download a music library for free in another music player too.

The software allows you the ability to use the audio equalizer as a bass boost as well as an editing tool. And, when you add the offline mode to that, it’s obvious to see why this is one of the most popular equalizer apps.

Equalizer FX: Bass Booster App

Equaliser FX is one of the the newer EQ for iPhones, and it can help you get the best out of your iPhone sounds.

You can do this using the equalizer presets within the app, and you can create a custom preset using band controller within the app.

Apart from bands equalisers, it offers powerful bass boosts, sounds effects, DJ changes and more.

You can tweak your music levels and the EQ options on your sounds in this pretty solid equalizer app for iOS. It is also used to make audio amplifiers, and overall, this app is one of the best EQ for iphone options out there.

Is Spotify Equalizer the best EQ app?

The truth is that if you want to adjust the equalizer settings on your device, you may be able to do that with the current apps on your phone.

This includes Spotify, which has an array of useful features. This includes the ability to select an infinite variety of bands for your EQ, like the bass-treble and tone-controlled sounds, as well as automatic detection.

The best equalizing apps that we have mentioned can be downloaded on your iPhone, and most of them are free so they are worth testing.

But, it’s worth checking in your music app whether you can edit the EQ settings yourself and manually adjust them without having to download a new app (and stop you having to clear storage space on your iPhone all the time!).


Music is a very personal experience and EQ apps can help to make sure your music is tuned exactly the way that you desire it.

As smartphones get even smarter, it’s become much easier to tune and tweak your iPhone. EQ apps for iPhones and iPads allow you to customise sound effects, as well as change the audio level easily.

If you love tweaking song settings based on your tastes, hopefully this selection of the best music equalizers app helps you decide which one is right for you.

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