Best Emoji Keyboards for Android

In an age of fast-moving technology where everyone is in a rush, emojis have become a permanent part of our lives in communication. Neanderthals and early hominids had cave art, it is, therefore, no surprise that humans have returned to an early form of communication. Emojis are pictograms embedded in the text to give emotional cues in a world where most of us communicate through text on a screen.

A lot of time, reading what people say can create misunderstandings to what we mean depending on how the other person interprets our words, emojis fill in the gaps and mostly help to stop these misunderstandings. Emojis started out very basic, with the standard facial expressions we use every day, a smiley face, a sad face, a winking face, etc. Now we have a whole collection of emojis, there is basically an emoji for everything, animals, objects, vegetables that can double as an innuendo for anatomy, we have it all.

Android users mostly use the default keyboard apps that come pre-installed on their phone, however, there are lots of third-party emoji keyboards available for installation. In this article, we will look at some of the best that are out there on the market for Android users.

Best Emoji Keyboards for Android

Microsoft SwiftKey


According to most users, Microsoft SwiftKey is one of the best virtual emoji keyboard apps around for Android users. SwiftKey uses artificial intelligence to learn and predict the next word you want to type and will suggest an emoji or word. It helps you by learning your typing patterns and adapting to what it has learned.

The app has countless emojis, GIFs, and other features that make it easier for the user to communicate faster than ever before. The keyboard is also customizable where you can choose from hundreds of themes.

Fleksy Fast + GIF keyboard

One of the fastest keyboards for Android users Fleksy Fast Keyboard holds the world record twice for its typing speed. You can use swiping gestures to control standard functions like spacing, deleting, and punctuating text. Like Swiftkey, Fleksy is customizable with 50 different themes and over 800 emojis and GIFs in its database.

Using Fleksy you can also create shortcuts to copy and paste etc. The very big upside of this app is that unlike others it does not collect personal data as there is a strict privacy policy in place for use of this app.



Grammarly is something I use all the time, it is an extension for desktops that checks your work for punctuation, spelling errors, clarity and style. As an extension, it is super useful, but Android has turned it into a keyboard app that can also be used as a grammar checker. Not as useful for messaging friends, and my friends will tell you I text so badly you wouldn’t know I had an MA in English let alone a degree.

That’s pure laziness though, I don’t check for errors when messaging people I know because they will get my drift but I do have my own personal no emoji rule unless I am speaking to people that are extremely close to me like family, just so I don’t get into the habit of replacing words with pictures if I am ever writing professionally.

Where Grammarly comes in use though is when composing professional emails and having conversations on a professional level because it will flag up and change any minor errors and give you suggestions on how to create more clarity in your writing. This is definitely one for people that write professionally a lot, it is not so strong for emoji use, but still had the default ones you would use.


In conclusion, emojis are great, but the caveat to that is under the right circumstances. They really do help to bridge gaps that can create misunderstandings between people. You know that saying, the text has no tone, well everyone has different reading voices and what you think you are saying to someone can be interpreted many different ways by someone on the receiving end.

I am often told I sound cold when I text people unless someone really has known me for a long time, I’ve been accused of being in a mood, being cold and distant, and straight-up rude because when you text casually most people aren’t used to the flat tone of professional writing which is something I try to be aware of so not to create conflicts. Emojis are a great way to avoid those conflicts, and above we have looked at some of the most useful in the market for just that.

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