Best drum learning apps for beginners – Guide

Interactive learning is the first option these days for musical instruments. Drumming apps have become a part of this field of educational delivery, and they offer an easy way to go through drum lessons.

The truth is that it is easy to plateau when choosing to learn an instrument, and drums are no exception. How hard can it be though, right? You can tap a beat out on a table so it can’t be much different – can it?

Well, learning from the beginning first on drum pads and then slowly moving to a drum kit later is often the best way. The journey is gruelling for the drummer, but also very rewarding.

You end up looking super cool when you play too, which is always a pleasant bonus, but only if you stick with it and grow your hair long.

Best drumming apps – Our top 3

We all know the jokes about the drummers of bands. Well, turns out drummers are exceptionally talented. They combine rhythm, speed, timing, and dexterity to lay down the essential sounds of any music.

They are by far some of the best parts of any elite band; you know. Here we look at the top three apps to learn drums at home, at your own pace.

3# Drum School


Drum School app is a learning tool for players of all levels. With over 260 beats to learn in several styles, it breaks down beats you can learn in easy to digest components.

There are over 100 exercises for you to learn on drums, using basic drum techniques for both your hands and feet. As well as high-quality videos by the creator of the app and the world-renowned jazz drummer Ferenc Nemeth.

You can learn each beat from Level one to level five, easiest to hardest and in turn track your progress as you learn.

As it goes, Drum School is one of the best apps to learn drums with the expertise of Nemeth coupled with the easy-to-follow techniques and great price make it one of the best to consider when thinking about learning drums.

Price: – The app doesn’t have a free version and the subscription costs £9.49 per month. It is available on iOS and Android platforms.

2# DrumKnee 3D


Drumknee 3d is a little different to the other two apps I have listed here. Most finger drum apps mean you must play only with your hands.

What makes DrumKnee 3D different is that you play your bass drum with your foot like you would play the drums in real life, and that is something unique to this app that will train a transferrable skill to other drumming apps don’t provide.

You put the phone on your knee, and you kick your foot as if you are playing a drum pedal and your phone will them register the movement. It also allows for a ‘chokable’ cymbal, which is a rare feature in drumming apps, but it is again something you will do in real life when playing on a drum kit.

Oh, and you don’t need a drum kit to play this app, which is another significant reason I have listed it here.

Although finger drum apps are kind of frowned upon in the drumming world, this app is great for those of you that don’t have access to a drum kit or don’t want to wake up the kids and neighbours but still want to practice the drums when you aren’t busy.

It is probably not best drumming app in the world, but it is handy.

Price:- There is a free version of this app but it comes with adverts, like most free things. But for £4.99 you get all drum sets, all skin packs, custom drums and no adverts.

Honestly, it is worth the small price to at very least get to learning essential rhythm and hearing drum sounds so you become familiar with what they should sound like if you ever do invest in a drum kit.

1# Drumeo Edge


Drumeo Edge is probably the best app to learn drums from, it is chock full of lessons and has a world-known platform.

There is a variety of topics, drumming techniques, applications, and rudiments, as well as gigging tips and musicality pointers to get you into all aspects of learning drums. The app itself has a very sleek interface, making it super attractive and engaging.

You can play along to tracks, track your progress, and take classes. It also has a massive community of drummers that you can speak to, ask for advice, and seek answers from.

There is a massive collection on Drumeo and is unmatched in thoroughness in comparison to other apps for learning drums. There are lessons with leading experts in their genres of music, giving an edge to this app that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Price: – This app costs £240 per year. If you are serious about learning, it is a great investment tool for you to consider and undoubtedly one of the best drumming apps.

There is a 7-day free trial available and a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can read our full Drumeo Edge review .


In conclusion, Drumeo had to win this rating because of the sheer volume of content it has to offer.

Not a surprise because of how well known they are, but the product is top notch, the expertise on there is beyond mind-blowing and the lessons are easy to learn from really helping to expand your technique and skills when choosing to learn drums.

DrumKnee 3D is the most different on the list but also beneficial if you don’t want to go out and buy a drum kit from the get-go if you just want to learn some basics and have fun tapping and kicking out some beats.

Finally, Drum School, although less content than Drumeo it is still a great app to learn from because of the content and thoroughness of the teaching there, as well as it is super cheap for what you get.

So, although Drumeo is top-rated, there is a significant amount of great options out there now for people wanting to learn drums.

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