Best Cydia apps ever: Full list

iPhone’s have a restricted functionality, and jailbreaking your phone is how you can remove these limits and start download apps from outside the App Store.

Once you do, most users download Cydia, the third party app store. This gives you access to a wider range of apps and tweaks you can download for most customisation on your iOS device.

We took a look at some of the best Cydia apps that you can download.

Activator – The classic

The most underrated of all Cydia tweaks, Activator has been amongst the best Cydia tweaks for a good decade and it’s still at the top of the list where customisation is concerned.

What Activator allows you to do is set up intuitive gestures and perform an action based on them. For example, you can easily set up Activator to close an app with a shake of your phone.

Though not essential for everyone, many Cydia apps and new tweaks rely on Activator and will automatically install it – if you haven’t installed it first.

iCleaner – One of the best jailbreak apps

Want to maximise the amount of space you’ve got on your device? You can do this by downloading an app like iCleaner.

What iCleaner does is basically spring cleaning for your device. This includes things like cleaning out all of your temporary files, your cache files from Safari and more.

It’a a simple tweak but if you’re looking to make the most of Cydia apps, you’re going to need as much space as possible.

Springtomize – New version released

For high levels of customisation, Springtomize is the Cydia app that you’ll want to download. This Cydia tweak give you the ability to change a lot of features on your device.

This includes colours, labelling your different profiles, changing the size of our home screen app icons and much more.

Bite SMS – Now dead

For a better version of your Messages app, you could look at downloading Bite SMS to make your text messages a little more attractive.

For those that are looking for more features added to their messages, this tweak added more customisation options, like being able to reply to SMS messages quickly from a small user bubble overlay.

Eventually, Apple actually added many BiteSMS features into their iMessage feature, which made BiteSMS obsolete. However, us old school iPhone users can still reminisce at how good this app once was!


iBlacklist was created to give you the ability to block other numbers specifically from calling you, though this was only one small feature of the service.

something that iOS users often complain that iPhone apps don’t do well enough. Though there are similar jailbreak tweaks, there are none quite as good as iBlacklist.


Simultaneously one of the simplest yet most effective apps, NextUp2 was designed to allow you to skip songs on your phone before you’d even gotten to it.

It’s integrated with Spotify, YouTube Music, Soundcloud and more. It was available for an older iOS version (iOS 12 and iOS 13) for Apple devices, though it’s not been updated in the Cydia store.


Want to launch a specific app with just your voice? This is what AssistantLove was designed to do, and it was designed to be used with Siri to launch different apps on your iPhone.

If we’ve missed any of your favourite Cydia apps, feel free to contact us and let us know! These are our most used, but we’d love to hear which app you used the most too.


Cydia has many apps that you can download to your iPhone after you’ve jailbroken it, and they vary greatly in how they allow you to customise your device.

These apps can give you a lot more customisation over your smartphone, and after jailbreaking your iOS device, it’s as simple as downloading them from the Cydia app store.

Then, you can go ahead and start customising your iPhone to your own preference.

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