Best Chess Apps for Getting Started

Remember Queen’s Gambit on Netflix? Did you really want to play chess after binging that series? I know for sure I definitely did and I hadn’t played in actual years before that point. So I think anyone who has watched it probably has a chess app on their smartphone by now, and if you haven’t, go and watch Queen’s Gambit and you definitely will have afterward, I promise you.

If you have had a look on the app stores recently you’ll notice there is an absolute mountain of chess apps available for people to download for free, but which one is the best because surely they are all the same within reason right? Wrong. There are some very different features available amongst chess apps that you can download so, here we are going to look at the top three best chess app available for Android and iOS.

Best Chess Apps

Number 3:- SocialChess


This app is more informal in regards to the community of players that use this app. The community is smaller and I’d say on the whole less competitive it’s more about having fun than being the grandmaster champion of the world, I’m using hyperbole, in case that wasn’t clear. But we all know those people right?

This app has no ads which is a nice plus I have yet to see in chess apps online. The game selection is slightly different than other apps too as it allows you to create challenges at any game speed you wish to play at. You can also look at a graph that allows you to choose open challenges based upon again, the speed of the game and the rating of the opponent.

If you want the extra features like playing more than five games at once, which this app has to offer and it does it for a really great price of $10 per year which you can’t moan at, but I’d say the extras aren’t necessary because the free version is really great.

Available: Android and iOS platforms.

Number 2:- Dr. Wolf


Dr. Wolf is a companion chess coaching application where Dr. Wolf plays chess along with you and explains the rules, regulations, strategies, and concepts of chess in a way that is easy to follow as it is step by step. This app is great for novices that have never played before and even for intermediate players too that might be looking to boost their knowledge of the game.

While you play games of chess Dr. Wolf will point out mistakes that you have made, show your ideas for strategy based on the board you are playing as we as teaching you how to play chess. It is an all-around practical guide to learning a great foundation in a game that is notoriously difficult to learn and execute at times.

Available: Android and iOS platforms.

Number 1:-


I think the app that has to win number one for me in this list is It really is, in my opinion, the best chess app around except having an actual board to play on. It has everything you could need to learn and play chess. This app has hundreds of different strategies that you can learn in the form of lessons on the app, which beats the way I learned to play chess for sure.

Basically, it was me and my dad with an old beat-up chessboard and him telling me the rules that he remembered. Which was as effective as Chinese whispers because I later learned half the rules he told me were either a variation of what he said the rules were or it was an illegal move so I didn’t actually know how to play properly. This app made it so that I can now actually play chess though and I found it by a fluke of luck. It introduces you to concepts of chess as well as strategies. Some of the features in this app include

  • Playing live/ daily chess matches against a community of 70 million people.
  • Making friends with chess nerds like me, and you now.
  • Read chess articles online.
  • Learning actual recognised strategies and lessons of chess.
  • You can watch instructional videos.
  • Improve your tactics.
  • Play any of the 150k puzzles there are on the app.

So if you want to learn chess then this app really is for you and it’s free, there is a premium version available but it is not required for you to use the app at all so it is up to you if you think it is worth paying for.

Available: Android and iOS platforms.


In conclusion, there are a plethora of chess game apps available online now, I have picked these as my top three because they incorporate different aspects that are useful in learning how to play chess. They all make the game fun in different ways and have a range of teachings across them that let you learn no matter what level you are at when it comes to playing chess.

If you fancy learning the game is for all-rounders, if you want a more personalised experience of learning I would recommend Dr. Wolf because you have a guide to teach you how to play and it feels more personal.

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