Best apps to learn guitar for beginners – Complete Guide

Not all Guitar education apps are the best to learn from and some have different purposes, ways to teach, etc. Some have real-time learning, play along with tablature and video tutorials.

When an app to learn guitar allows you to play along to chords, then the song library they have integrated is the most important aspect of the app. This is because it allows you to learn what you want within their resources.

And if you’re interested in online guitar lessons, trying out an app might be your best bet in getting started. Here’s a few of the top guitar learning apps you can try.

Best apps to learn guitar for beginners

No app is a substitute for an actual teacher but teachers are expensive and in a time where social distancing is essential, it beats trawling through poor quality YouTube videos from 10 years ago to learn how to play your favourite song.

So, when you go into learning guitar, what app is the best for you to start learning from? This article will look at three of the best options for learning guitar from the very beginning.

3# Yousician


Yousician is an educational app for learning musical instruments interactively developed by Finnish founders Chris Thür and Mikko Kaipainen originally names Ovelin.

It is toted to be for both beginners and intermediate players, so it is ideal for our list.

They give lessons and advice for guitar, piano, bass, voice and ukulele learning and offer video tutorials from a library that contains roughly 1500 exercises or ‘missions’ as they are called on the app.

You can get immediate feedback on accuracy and timing using the app which is helpful for beginners because it helps to dial down bad habits you may pick up if you play the same mistakes over and over.

Something every self-taught guitarist will tell you is an obstacle when learning. Yousician has lesson plans that consist of exercises, lessons, mini-games and tutorial videos.

Price: – The app is free to download and gives you one free lesson a day. But eventually, you should subscribe to get uninterrupted playtime across any platform you wish to use the app on.

The platforms it is available on – Desktop, Android and iOS.

2# Fender Play


Fender is one of the most famous brands of guitar in the world, and they have joined the interactive educational app scene with Fender Play.

Fender Play is great for beginners and aspiring guitar players alike. It offers different levels of education. With consultations from musical experts with easy-to-follow lessons that improve your knowledge and skills overall.

You will be asked to sign up, what your preference is regarding the genre of music you wish to learn and what instrument, electric or acoustic guitar, for instance.

These answers will then set you on a learning experience customized for you to take your path and learn what you want to learn when you want to learn it.

This is a great product, probably one of the best available and of course Fender will not put their name on anything bad, but it is relatively new in the world of interactive learning so still has some way to go on improve the format they offer.

Price: – The price of this app is £15.99 per month, and it is honestly worth the price considering the amount of expert advice and content they provide.

The value for money is more than worth it. It is available on Android or iOS devices. You can read our full Fender Play review here.

#1 Simply Guitar


Simply Guitar is the best of a great bunch of interactive learning apps for guitar specifically for beginners. I have come to this conclusion because of how interactive and immersive it is.

Initially, it looks like an app for kids, with bright bold colours and a super simple interface, but there are a lot more layers to it than what you see on the surface.

Simply Guitar is full of high quality, easy-to-understand video tutorials that contain on-screen pointers and aids, it does cover the very basics of guitar learning.

There is an explainer video and then an interactive part to play along with what you just learned. It helps you understand the music theory as well as keeps you on track with your progression.

It allows you to take a step by step journey through the world of learning and digs deep into the fundamentals of guitar learning for beginners in particular and that is why I have rated it number one, the best interactive app for learning guitar when you are a beginner.

Price:- It is the cheapest of the apps I have mentioned here at £8.99 and although there is o free access, there is a 7-day free trial to get a good taste of what the app is like.

The price of this app is £12.99 per month. You can read our full Simply Guitar review here.


In conclusion, there are an absolute ton of great apps on the market for learning guitar, whether you are a beginner or more advanced at playing.

In this article, we have looked at three of the best guitar learning apps for beginners. Simply Guitar has won out for me because it gives a little of everything and is so neatly put together. It doesn’t overwhelm you as a beginner and it jumps right in with the practical learning.

Fender Play and Yousician are great too, but are a little more expensive and have interfaces that are a little more complicated than Simply Guitar.

Although Fender Play has a massive library to learn from and the range of instruments, you can learn on Yousician is far more expansive than Simply Guitar. All are excellent apps for your guitar journey.

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