Best Apps to Hide Apps on your phone

Hide apps are third-party applications that disguise and hide your most personal files, folders, photos, and videos as well as your social media apps. These hide apps help you to keep privacy on your phone and secure your apps.

I know what you are thinking they are probably only useful for nefarious reasons, let’s address the metaphorical elephant in the metaphorical room here, this type of app is not necessarily used for people that want to hide things from their partners. However, there are a lot of reasons you may need to keep files private, such as if your children use your phone or if you use your phone for work and for personal reasons.

It gives you the feeling of security if you have anything on your phone you wouldn’t want to fall into the hands of those that could embarrass you with the content because everyone deserves privacy. So in this article, we will look at some of the best and most effective hide apps available on the market.

Best Apps to Hide Apps

Clock: The Vault


Clock: The Vault is a privacy protection app that you can use to keep your files private. The app resembles a wall clock face where you can preset the time password by moving the hands of the clock. If you press the middle button of the virtual clock.

The app then vanishes from the app list and changes into a clock app. Using this app you can hide your photos, videos, and any other files you wish to keep private. You can also use the app to lock your messaging apps, your browsers, contact lists, and email apps. You can use your fingerprints to enable password protection on your app.

Gallery Vault


With Gallery Vault app is a privacy protection app that you can use to hide your important files and photos. You can also hide the icon of an album and no one can see that the app exists except you as the user. You can hide multiple things using this app, images, audio files, and any other encrypted files that can then be moved to an SD card.

You can show fake passwords using this app so others don’t find your actual passwords and also shows fake content to hide your actual content. You can receive break-in alerts for this app in case someone is trying to hack your accounts. This app is a really great way to hide your private files.

Apex Launcher


Apex Launcher is slightly different than the other applications on this list that hide your files with a fake icon like a calculator. You can use this app to change the interface of your device thanks to customizable features. You can hide your files and photos etc through the use of secure folders that only you are able to access with your fingerprint and or your password. The apps you choose to hide can no longer be seen in your device list.

Calc Vault


Calc Vault is a privacy protection app that uses a calculator icon to hide your most private files. This can include anything such as photos, video, and lock apps. To anyone that looks at your phone, it will just present as a calculator app. Your files however can be secured using this application which can only be accessed using a numerical pin password that you cleverly enter on the keypad of the calculator to open the hidden application.

App Lock


App Lock is another privacy protection app that you can use to lock all your social media applications as well as incoming calls and any other app on your phone you wish to protect. This app can help to hide your pictures, videos, and files as you require as well. App Lock has a keyboard and invisible pattern lock so no one but you will know how to unlock the app to access your most private files and your social media applications.


In conclusion, everyone deserves their privacy, hide apps are a great creation for helping people feel safe and secure. If you have ever wanted to show someone a photo on your phone you’ll notice they will probably swipe out of instinct or maybe they are just nosey, but the anxiety of what they might find, even if there is nothing TO find is real. Whatever your reason for wanting to hide your content that’s your business, on the market, there are so many apps available for you to use to hide your content from little fingers or snooping friends.

No one wants to be embarrassed by a sexy selfie they took for their partner or have people mess about with confidential work files and now with apps called hide apps you can make sure that nothing is compromised. People are always going to assume the worst about the use of hiding apps but what’s it matter when all your stuff is so well hidden anyways right? Hopefully, now you have managed to secure all the files and apps you require and feel a little more secure about passing your phone to random people.

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