Best Apps for Making Flyers & Leaflets

Creating flyers can take quite a bit of work, especially when made by hand. Luckily, these days, there are many digital programs that make creating flyers much easier and cost-effective to do.

These flyers could be for a number of different things, such as informative pamphlets, marketing ads, holiday brochures, and much more.

There are many apps for making flyers, most of which are free to use. These apps usually double as a poster-making app, since flyers and posters share many elements.

Best Apps for Making Flyers

The right flyer maker app is tough. Those with advanced editing skills may stick with Adobe Creative Cloud Express for their graphic design needs. But, those of us that want high quality templates to work with are often better off with a flyer design apps.

There are various different apps for creating beautiful flyers available. We’ll go over three of the best apps for making flyers, based on their cost and various features.

#3 – Poster Maker, Flyer Maker

Price: £4.99 per month, or £18.99 every 6 months, or £27.99 per year.

Poster Maker, Flyer Maker is free to download and use, but you can purchase the pro version to unlock premium benefits. These benefits include removing ads, unlimited templates, unlimited graphics, and unlimited fonts.

The pro version offers over 10,000 templates and graphics. The free version provides 60+ templates, 20 fonts, 80+ colours, 500+ graphics, 1 animation, 4 shapes, and 300+ text arts.


Poster Maker, Flyer Maker is a flyer-making app with a vary largest library of templates and graphics available.

The templates are categorised into many different topics, including Offers & Sales, Advertising, Instagram Post, Games, Real Estate, and Wanted. The app provides 7 main editing tools: text, image, background, graphics, animation, shapes, and text arts.

The text tool allows you to add text, set the text colour, and set the font. You can also edit the text box size to change the text format, enlarge the text, and rotate the text. The image tool lets you add images from your library, or by taking a photo.

The background tool lets you edit the background colour, gradient, pattern, and image. You can choose a background image from the app’s stock image collection, or from your image library. You can also blur the background, change the scale, apply a filter, and blend the background.

The graphics tool lets you add graphics from your gallery, or the app’s graphics collection. The animation tool allows you add animations to your flyer; and edit the animation speed, duration, and direction.

The shape tool lets you add shapes, and the text arts tool lets you add stylised text.

You can view all the different elements on your flyer using the layers tool. You can also reorder the elements if you so wish. There’s are also undo and redo buttons in case you make any mistakes.

Overall, Poster Maker, Flyer Maker is a great flyer-making app for those who want a large library of tools to work with.

The app has one of the largest collections of templates and graphics. The app also provides a good range of different editing tools, which allows for a high level of customisation.

#2 – Quote Maker

Price: £4.99 per month, or £29.49 per year.

Quote Maker is free app to install and use, but there is a pro version available for purchase. The pro version will unlock all premium features, which includes templates, filters, shapes, and more.

The free version offers 50+ templates, 50+ artworks, 20+ filters, 40 overlays, and 203 fonts.


Quote Maker is a Flyer and Poster-making app. The app provides over 50 different templates for a variety of occasions/topics. There are 36 topics in total, including Christmas, Sale, Birthday, Instagram Story, Gym & Fitness, Valentine’s Day, Health & Fitness, LGBTQ+, and St. Patrick’s Day.

The app gives you 6 main editing tools, which consist of background, text, artwork, shape, image, and layout.

The background tool allows you to set the background image, apply filters, apply overlays, set the background colour, blur the background, crop the background, and set the image dimensions.

The text tool allows you to add text, choose the font, choose the colour, choose the stroke width and colour, edit the alignment and letter/line spacing, the curve, erase text, add shadows, rotate text, move text, and blend text.

You can also add custom fonts, or purchase fonts from the in-app store.

The artwork tool lets you add different graphics to the flyer. There graphics are sorted into many different categories, including Basic Shapes, Christmas Lettering, Emoji, LGBTQ Pride, Liquid Gradients, and Inspirational Quotes.

You can also add custom graphics using the shape tool, which lets you add shapes. You can edit the shape colour, border colour, border type, and shape rotation. The image tool simply lets you add images from your library, and the layout tool allows you choose a layout for your flyer.

There are 5 layouts to choose from, and you can customise the layout size and colour. You can use the layers options to view all the different elements on your flyer, and rearrange to your liking.

Overall, Quote Maker is a fairly detailed flyer-making app. There are many editing tools to utilise, and a large variety of templates to choose from. Most of these features are also available for free, so it’s a decent app for those who don’t wish to spend any money.

#1 – Flyer Maker & Poster Maker

Price: £39.99 per year.

Flyer Maker & Poster Maker is completely free to install and use, but some templates and stock images are locked unless you purchase the pro version. The pro version offers unlimited templates, and higher quality images.

You can also unlock templates by using credits. Credits are the in-app currency for Flyer Maker & Poster Maker, and can be bought using real money. The app doesn’t lock any features in the free version, so the app is very usable as a free program.

The free version offers 20+ flyer templates, 200+ stickers, 100+ shapes, 70+ text graphics, and 100+ images.


Flyer Maker & Poster Maker is a flyer-making app that offers all of its features for free. Only some templates and images are locked. The templates are categorised into a three main tabs: printable, flyers, and posters.

Each tab further categorises the templates into different sizes, such as A4, and A5. There are templates available for a variety of topics, including Performance, Food & Drinks, Sale, Fashion, and Holidays.


The app provides 5 main editing tools: elements, images, text, layers, and pages. The elements tools allows you to add stickers and shapes.

The images tool lets you add images from the app’s image collection, your own gallery, your Facebook gallery, your files/iCloud Drive, a link, or by taking a photo. The text tool lets you add your own text, or text graphics from the app’s personal collection.

The text graphics cover a range of different occasions/topics, such as Christmas, Sale, Food, Travel, Architecture, and Mail. The layers tool lets you view all the elements on your flyer, and rearrange them.

The pages tool lets you add pages to your flyer. You can make it a duplicate page, or a blank page. For the latter, you’ll have to choose a page template. There are over 20 templates to choose from.

When you select an element on your flyer, a series of editing options will appear. For text, you can duplicate it, delete it, edit text, edit size, edit font, edit fill colour, edit opacity, edit text style, edit text alignment, edit spacing, add/edit highlight colour, lock it, rotate it, align it, edit layer order, or add link.

For a graphic, you can duplicate it, delete it, edit the colours, edit the opacity, flip it, lock it, rotate it, align it, edit layer order, or add link. There are also undo and redo buttons for reversing mistakes, and an animation tool. The animation tool allows you to add animations to your flyer.

Overall, Flyer Maker & Poster Maker is a great flyer-making app for non-paying users. All of its features are available at no cost, and only some stock images and templates are exclusive to premium users.

The app is fairly simple to use, and offers a variety of different editing tools. The app also has a fairly large library of assets for use.


In conclusion, there are many flyer-making apps available for use. Many are free to install and utilise, but most apps lock certain features and assets for free users. You can also check out invitation maker apps if you have an event coming up.

If you don’t wish to spend money on a flyer-making app, try using Flyer Maker & Poster Maker. The app doesn’t lock any features for non-paying users.

If you’re looking for an app with a large library of assets; Poster Maker, Flyer Maker has one of the largest template/graphic collections. Or, if you’re looking for a more simplistic flyer-making app, try Quote Maker.

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