Best app killer for Android devices

A smartphone’s battery life is one of the most important factors for many of us.

Our smartphones are a part of daily life, and an extended battery life is extremely useful for both iOS and Android users, with most new phones released having this as a core focus.

For maximum lifespan, you can consider disabling the background applications on your device. One of the best ways to do this is by using an app killer – here’s some of the best app killers for Android you can download now.


KillApps has been identified as one of the best apps in the PlayStore and has been shown to work very well. If you want a simple one touch button to close down all of your apps, KillApps is probably the best choice.

The app can close any running applications in seconds without affecting the performance of your device, which is pretty much all most users want from an app killer.

There are also various different features in the app, from the Battery Saver option that is designed to improve battery life through to the lag remover, which can make your apps run faster without interruption.

KillApp also gives users an option to select from an app list and define limits according to their own preferences.

The KillApps Pro is one of the better premium app killers too, so if you’re looking for a way to close all the apps running on your device at once, it’s a great choice.


Naptime is another Andrid app killer that utilizes a built in doze function to close apps down and stop them running when they use too much memory.

When you turn the scheduler on, the apps will stop during the times that you specify. This means no processing is affected during use, and the Naptime app uses root permissions on your Android phone to turn the apps off directly.

The app is a simple task killer and one of the best app killers for Android, though you can also use it to close down your mobile data or turn off your Wi-Fi too.

The Naptime Android app can help you to save battery life, which is pretty much what all of us want from a task manager.

App Killer and Manager

App Killer and Manager is a powerful Android app killer that kills tasks running in the background, as you’d expect.

It’s well designed, and the app makes it possible to locate all those hidden apps that use up your smartphone’s memory and bandwidth really easily.

It also allows restriction of the apps that you’re not using, which frees RAM and improves efficiency while also giving you longer battery life.

App Killer and Manager works without using any memory cleaner, which will automatically remove any unwanted processes from memory in the background.

Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver

Kaspersky battery life can be used to stop Android apps that are draining your battery – these battery draining apps are common, and it’s necessary to kill selected apps sometimes.

The app is intended as an alternative option for increasing your battery life by limiting background apps. Doing this increases the efficiency of your device significantly with just one tap of a button.

The tool will stop unwanted apps that are running behind the scenes and restrict them effectively.

If you block a popular app that you didn’t mean to, such as WhatsApp or YouTube, you can whitelist them from the Kaspersky scanner list so this doesn’t happen in the future.

The app also allows users to monitor their apps accurately so they can determine which consume battery power and block them.

It’s another great app killer worth downloading from the Google Play store if you want to improve battery usage.


Greenify has become a popular task killer for Android and is one of the best utility apps to download if your phone has started to struggle when it comes to performance.

It helps to detect the apps that draining large chunks of your battery. And then, instead of killing the apps you can switch them to hibernating mode whilst they’re not in use, which helps increase your battery and improve performance.

Greenify does more than just kill the apps that you don’t want to use – it helps you to manage them, which can save battery life and becomes useful for app management.

Overall, this is another one of the best task manager apps for Android, and is worth using if you’re thinking about hibernating background apps on your phone.

Advanced Task Manager

One of the better options for old Android devices is the Advanced Task Manager app – this supports both newer and older versions of Android.

The Advanced Task Manager software lists the apps that run on your device, and allows you to select if the apps you want to delete – it will help to improve battery life by doing this.

There is also a list of ignored apps which can be enabled within the app that can prevent you from accidentally deleting apps.

The application includes a virus scanner that removes malware from your device, and an easy batch uninstall feature to help you remove unwanted apps on your phone.


Skits is a useful app manager for improving performance on your Android phone, making it easy to manage apps and kill or uninstall the ones you don’t need.

It also gives you details on how much RAM a particular app uses, which can be useful for Android phones as many only have a specific amount of memory usage they can utilise.

For Android users, it’s a solid battery saver app that can help you to know which unnecessary apps running on your device are the biggest issue.

You can choose the apps you do not need anymore and simply uninstall them from your device, which is useful for maximising the potential of your Android smartphone.

Common Questions about App Killers for Android

How do you kill all apps on Android?

The easiest way to kill all apps that are currently running on your Android device is to use an app killer. The point of using one of these apps is that you can close down all of your running apps and background apps that are running simultaneously.

Do app killers work?

Task killers are said to help to improve the performance of your Android device by making sure that all running apps are closed, as well as closing down background apps that are running too. This is a hotly contested topic where some users find app killers useful, whereas others don’t recommend using them.

Should I kill apps on Android?

The decision whether to use app killers or not is up to you. There are many users that find them useful, though the argument is that those users only find them useful because the apps they have installed aren’t running optimally – it’s the app’s fault, not Android. Usually, Android is pretty good at automatically closing down apps running in the background when you don’t need them.


As many Android devices suffer with their battery life, users look for a task manager or app killer they can use to manage their active tasks. It is possible to use this task manager to improve phone battery life in the long term.

Although there are many phones with good features and specifications, to get the maximum performance some users like to try and optimise their smartphone battery life. And for this, an app killer or task killer seems like a perfect fit.

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