Best Apps for Learning the Piano Online – Quick Guide

Taking online piano lessons is one of the best ways to start learning piano. Piano is a really fun instrument if you have the right tools to teach you, with online piano learning apps becoming more popular in recent years.

Piano teaching apps try to blend education and fun, which is the best way for anyone to learn any instrument – not just Piano. Interactive lessons can make the experience fun, and not a chore.

So, what are the best apps you can use to play the Piano? We take a look at the top three apps in order to learn the instrument thoroughly, from sheet music to music theory.

Pinao Learning Apps – Our favourites

3# Yousician – Great for different instruments, not just piano


Yousician is an app for learning musical instruments interactively. It is advertised to be for both beginners and intermediate players, so it is ideal for our list.

They give lessons and advice for guitar, piano, bass, voice, and ukulele learning and offer video tutorials from a library that contains roughly 1500 exercises.

You can get instant feedback on accuracy and timing using the app which is helpful for beginners because it helps to dial down bad habits you may pick up if you play the same mistakes over and over. Yousician has lesson plans that consist of exercises, lessons, minigames, and tutorial videos.

Price: – The app is free to download and gives you one free lesson a day. The platforms it is available on – Desktop, Android, and iOS.

2# Skoove – Great for beginners


Skoove is a Piano learning app that is available and suitable for all levels of skill. You can learn Piano through Skoove using your phone or tablet, as well as your computer. Skoove introduces beginners from middle C onwards, the very basics of Piano.

It helps by showing you a Piano player playing the music you are learning as well as giving you the notes and the keyboard that is animated for introductory learning. The app provides feedback to the player, it listens to the note you pay and reacts to how you are playing the Piano.

This helps you to develop an understanding of how to play the Piano from beginner level onwards. Skoove does not concentrate on classical music like you associate Piano with.

The songs are familiar and modern helping to engage you as you learn. The beginner lessons match your learning with the finger number on your right hand.

You learn note lengths and have the opportunity to play along with a band at the end of lessons. You go through the following process.

  • Demonstrate the song
  • Practice the song.
  • Then you play with the band.

Price: $19.99 per month or $89.99 per year with a one-week free trial. Available on iOS only – you can read our full Skoove review here.

1# Simply Piano – Solid foundation for Piano learners.


Simply Piano by JoyTunes contains everything you need to learn the Piano, It works in the same way Skoove does. By listening to you play the notes on an actual Piano or through your keyboard/ acoustic Piano.

At the beginning of the app, you pick your level of ability such as ‘beginner.’ Here you will get an overview of the first notes you will need to learn such as middle C, D, and E. Eventually it progresses to F and G so on and so forth.

Simply Piano is by the same makers as Simply Guitar and Simply Guitar is an excellent app for beginners to learn from.

Once you complete the lessons in the app you get the option to use the Singer Duet feature this is used to get you used to playing with other musicians by using backing tracks.

The great thing about this app is that it feels like a game, which takes away the feeling of learning as a chore, it makes it fun and engaging.

Price: $199.99 per year or $19.99 per month, there are different plans available to choose from to save money per year.

There is also a one-week free trial for you to get a taste of what the app is about. It is available on iOS; Android and you can use a MiDi connection to learn.


Most people have been interested in piano in some form, be it in Music at school or if you had a keyboard at home to play on. The tough part of learning piano is that people don’t stick to it outside of childhood – often because it tends to be taught in a boring way.

Reading music isn’t taught correctly, there is the posture that is synonymous with playing the Piano that is uncomfortable and you learning scales and chords over and over. For children, this tends to suck the fun out of any future learning and puts people off ever learning again

In conclusion, music education apps are great for multiple reasons, it gives people access to being taught instruments that may be too shy to play in front of others.

It also allows you to learn at a different pace than is set by a teacher or those of us that are too busy to have a set schedule of learning. it also eliminates the horrible days of trawling YouTube for a crappy quality video to learn from.

So overall music education apps are an excellent idea. Above I have listed the three best I have found to learn Piano using, it should also keep the attention of kids, unlike when we tried to learn from the stuffy old piano teacher we were forced to interact with.

Hopefully, these types of apps will inspire a new generation to continue learning music because it is a really great way to invest your time.

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