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If you have trouble remembering parties, presentations, concerts, events or even just meet-ups down the pub, a calendar app can help.

In a hectic schedule, it’s easy to forget a certain event. Fortunately, the Google Play Store offers many different solutions – we’re going to take a look at the best calendar apps you can download today, so you can start setting your reminders ASAP.

6 of the best calendar apps for Android

Calendar apps have many benefits. Generally speaking, the best calendar apps are the ones that track social events, calendars, and schedules whilst allowing you to integrate these with other apps on your phone.

Some calendar apps can be designed for specific tasks such as shared calendars or scheduling, but not all of them can. Let’s look at five of the best calendar apps for android devices.

Outlook: Best calendar app for Microsoft users

Outlook calendar has come to life since the ’90s, as the leading calendar program for Windows, Mac and Android.

Outlook remains an excellent application to schedule and manage events for your business or home.

Remember that Outlook is an integrated application that can combine email, calendar and contact information.

It’s one of the best calendar apps for Windows users, as it’s very easy to use both the app on your mobile phone and the web app on your laptop/desktop too,

The calendars within Outlook are solid, and adding an event to your calendar is straightforward and easy.

You may use multiple calendars with multiple views, which can enable you to have both personal and work calendars on the same app.

Support for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange accounts means you can send event invitations in real time, and easily compare your schedules with them.

Though you may want to download a new calendar app, it’s not always necessary. You can schedule appointments, add events and much more with Outlook.

Google Calendar app: Great for most Android devices

Is Google Calendar really enough for most people? Well, it really depends on what you need.

The main benefit of using Google calendar is that it’s integrated with other Google apps. This includes Google Workspace, Google Docs for your writing, Google Keep for your to do list and many more.

You can use your Voice Assistant on Android to automatically save Google Calendar events, which is more than many other mobile apps allow.

When you add to that Google being a free calendar app, it’s no surprise that many people tend to stick with using it.

If you’re after a simple calendar app, this is definitely one of the best calendar apps to go for. However if you want more advanced features, you may want to look at using separate calendars as well.

Jorte Calendar

Jorte’s simple and intuitive layout is an excellent competitor to Google’s calendars, and if you’re looking for a direct alternative, this would be a solid choice.

Jorte shows an easy-to-read calendar that is viewable weekly, monthly and daily. You can easily embed a location into the Jorte calendar app too.

What’s nice about Jorte is that all important calendars can be easily found due to the simplistic design. Almost any schedule can be imported from CSV, and the software is able to integrate with multiple calendars, notes apps or task management software applications.

It’s compatible with Google Calendar if you’re looking to make the switch. Or, you can actually use both in tandem, as it’s very easy to sync the two calendars together.

Overall Jorte is one of the best minimalist calendar apps for Android you’ll find, with simple personalisation and an overall impressive experience.


Calengoo is a flexible calendar app. In comparison to Google Calendar, it’s pretty complex – so, it might seem overwhelming initially as it has a large number of customization options.

Calengoo is probably best for adding a calendar widget to your home screen. You can easily add them to any spare space you have on your display, which can help when remembering everything if you have a busy schedule.

The widgets are completely customisable too, with various different options to make the calendar appear exactly as you want it too.

The app is perfect for users frustrated with apps that lack features, as Calengoo has plenty of them – there’s almost too many to mention.

But, these features include syncing with Google Calendar, easy integration with Evernote, various different calendar views (including their own Agenda view) and a print to PDF function too. It’s an impressive calendar app that’s worth a download. has been designed for the use of todo lists, calendars and day planners.

What we like most about is that you can easily use it both on mobile and desktop, and it probaby has the best desktop use when it comes to calendar apps.

There are many apps that provide similar functionality to, but in addition to calendaring you can also use this app for planning to do lists too.

It’s more than just a calendar app, so it could be a good choice if you’re trying to reduce the amount of apps you’ve got on your home screen – this will stop you from having to switch from app to app constantly.

Though it does not contain a huge amount of features, it is definitely a cleverly designed calendar app that works well as a schedule planner, to do list creator and much more.

Tiny Calendar app

Tiny Calendar has an easy-to-use calendar that’s also compatible with Google Calendar and Google Tasks, and between the two they actually make a good pairing if you’re looking for a simple calendar.

Tiny Calendar includes features like the ability to change colours on your calendar, as well as an easy drag and drop tool that makes organisation a breeze.

Tiny Calendar is definitely one of the easiest calendars to use on your mobile device. If you’re worries about having too many features, this really strips things back to the bare bones in terms of simplicity.

Tiny Calendar allows for creating, editing or deleting events in any location, and you can also use it when it’s offline too. It’s a solid choice if you need a basic calendar app that have a great reminder system built into it.


A calendar app is essential, both for your business aspirations but also for your personal use too.

A good calendar app allows for an easy way to schedule meetings, a simple way to add recurring events, and preferably integration with other apps too. Thankfully, out of the calendar apps above, you should be able to find one that satisfies your needs.

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