Auto turn off iPhone screen – How to

Unlike your Macbook, the iPhone doesn’t have an option to disable the device at a specific time. On Macs, you can easily do this by using Terminal to run a process that will shut your iPhone screen down, or use an app to do so.

On iPhone, we have to do things a little differently if we want the iPhone screen to automatically turn off or stay on. Here’s how you can control your iPhone screen and stop it turning on or off automatically.

How can I turn my iPhone off and on at a specified time?

The iPhone screen is designed to turn on and off after a certain period of time. On older models, you may not have had control of this, but on new iOS versions, you can set the amount of time yourself.

This is called Auto lock. You can easily adjust your Auto Lock settings by doing the following;

  1. First, go to Settings
  2. Then, click into Display & Brightness
  3. Here, you can then select Auto-Lock.
  4. You can then choose the length of time you want to pass before your iPhone screen turns off.

Apple iPhones will go to sleep after a certain amount of time if your system becomes inactive. A further feature can be set up in Sleep mode if you want to adjust other settings on your device.

Doing this will allow less or more time before your screen goes off, which can save battery life.

How can I stop my iPhone screen turning off automatically?

In the same way that you can turn your iPhone screen off, you can also use Auto lock to ensure that your iPhone stays on all the time.

Bear in mind that if you keep your iPhone’s home screen on permanently then you’ll end up using more battery life than you would with its default setting in place.

So, if you want more battery life, it makes sense to have your iPhone screen turn off after the timer ends.

Why should I turn my iPhone screen off at a specified time?

Although you can easily use your settings app to ensure your iPhone screen stays on, it’s not a great idea.

Firstly, this will have a big effect on your battery life. If your phone is at maximum brightness at all times even when you’re in lock screen mode, the life will drain quickly.

This can also have a long term effect on the battery health of your iPhone. After a while, you will notice that your battery won’t last as long even when you charge it to full capacity.

As well as this, having the iPhone screen light on whilst you’re asleep isn’t a great idea either – you should also close down what apps are running on your iPhone too.

Your iPhone screen turning off after a certain period of time is great for saving power, so it makes sense to use sleep mode when you’re not using it.


If you want your iPhone screen to turn off at a certain time, you can adjust this within your Auto lock settings.

However, if you make the screen stay on for longer, there are many ways to reduce battery usage during down time as well as avoiding disturbance during sleep time.

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