Asana Rebel App Review – Is It Worth It?

Health experts recommend we do two sessions of muscle-strengthening exercises per week.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to drag yourself down to the gym and bring out the dumbbells. 

Strength-based exercises do not need to include lots of equipment and you don’t need to go to the gym to do them. You can satisfy the two sessions a week by doing yoga-based workouts from home. 

Asana Rebel is a yoga-inspired workout app. But they offer a lot more than just workouts, it’s more of a healthy lifestyle app offering workout videos, healthy recipes, sleep aids and meditation tracks.

The workouts on the Asana Rebel app are suitable for doing at the gym or at home if that’s your preference. 

In this article, I’m giving you a full Asana Rebel app review, so you can learn more about it and find out if it’s a good choice for you. 

Asana Rebel Review

My immediate impression of the Asana Rebel app was that it’s very expensive compared to similar apps of its kind.

However, this piqued my interest to see what justifies the £15.49/month subscription price.

While the £15.49 seems really steep, Asana Rebel clearly encourages people to opt for the yearly subscription which is only £34.99/year, which works out at only £2.91/month.

I see what they’re doing here. However, personally I don’t really enjoy having to sign up to something for an entire year without testing it out first and unfortunately, Asana Rebel doesn’t offer a free trial. 

There are free features within the app, so you don’t need to sign up for a subscription.

However, these features seem really basic, with only 5-minute workouts and a short list of recipes and mediations, so I don’t think it’s worth your time using the free version.

After my issues with the Asana Rebel’s pricing, I persevered to give it a try. My first impression of the app itself was a positive one. The app is clean, simple and really easy to use.

The app offers a lot of features, but it’s not overwhelming – unlike some other apps that offer a lot, where it seems impossible to get your head around everything. 

How does Asana Rebel work?

I’ll now go through the steps of getting Asana Rebel set up. This process was really simple and only took a few minutes. 

Create an account and set up your profile

After logging in, it asks a range of questions like your gender, height, weight, goal weight, date of birth, fitness level, diet type and goals.

This is pretty standard with most fitness apps, but it’s a good idea to enter your details accurately as it’ll allow the app to deliver you more personalized content.

For fitness type, you can choose between beginner, intermediate or advanced.

If you’re new to yoga practice and want to maintain good form, then it’s important you stick with beginner friendly exercises.

If you try and attempt too much, you may find some yoga routines difficult. It’s much better to workout everyday at your level than to give up after a few days because the yoga classes are too difficult (speaking from experience!).

For diet type, you can choose between:

  • No preference
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Keto (low carb)
  • Other

The goals you can choose from are as follows: 

  • Sleep better
  • Lose weight
  • Tight and toned body
  • Build healthy habits
  • Exercise more efficiently
  • More energy every day

The app will then create a ‘Daily Plan’ and will give you personalised recommendations, like workout videos, recipes or meditations, based on your preferences and goals.


Set up your weekly goal

You’ll then be it will ask you to set up your weekly goal, based on how many times a week you do a workout and which days. 


It will also ask you if you want to start out with a challenge if you’re looking for a little extra motivation.

The challenges are 7, 14, 21 or 28-day challenges that are created to introduce you to yoga-inspired fitness if this style is new to you.

Start your plan

After you’ve set up and outlined your goals, you’re ready to start working out with Asana Rebel. 

As you can see, they ask all the usual questions that most popular fitness apps will require from you when setting up a new subscription.

Features of the Asana Rebel app

I’ll now delve a little more into the features of the Asana Rebel app. As I said, the app does offer a lot of features, more than just workouts. 

Whilst it’s a yoga app, it does offer different options like squats and planking too. The app has three tabs along the bottom, Today, Explore and Activity. 


The Today tab is where you will find your daily recommendations that Asana Rebel has picked out for you, like any challenges or workouts that it recommends for you based on your personal goals.

It will also give you a range of recipes and some meditations or relaxing music. 


The Explore tab is where you’ll find a lot more features that you may be familiar with if you’ve used workout apps before – they can definitely help keep you interested in the long term.


The first is exercise. Here you will find a range of yoga-based workouts. There are workouts to suit any desire you have, like strength or cardio-based workouts. It also has a good selection of low-intensity workouts.

The workouts themselves are generally easy to follow. I found they were a little difficult, though.

When setting up your account, it asks what your general fitness level is, but not about your yoga experience.

So, even though I have quite a high level of fitness, my yoga skills do match that and the workouts Asana Rebel picked for me were a little too advanced. 

Next is the challenges section. Here you’ll find a range of challenges you can enrol in. These range from 7 to 28-day yoga workout challenges. 

Then are the sleep features. This is a range of sleep music and meditations you can use to help improve your sleep health.

Fourth is the nutrition section. Here you’ll find a range of personalised recipes with cooking instructions that can help aid weight loss and acquiring a bikini body – toned body exercise works much better when you follow a health diet with it.

You can choose from high-protein, anti-inflammatory, high-fibre options to suit your needs, whatever they are. The food you eat is as important as the yoga app you use, so it makes sense to use the nutrition section too.

The next section in the explore area is meditation. Here is where you will find a range of meditations for many situations, from weight control to creativity. 

Combining meditation sessions with your yoga routines can definitely be positive for your mental performance, as yoga is all about discipline.

Finally, is the music for focus section. Here, similar to the mediation section, you’ll find a range of music tracks to help you focus.

Taking a holistic approach to improving your whole lifestyle as well as using Asana Rebel for yoga is likely the best choice for most people.


The last tab is the Activity tab. This is where you can keep track of your goals and track your activity. 

You can view how many sessions you have completed, or how many minutes you have spent on each activity 

You can also access your profile where you can update your weight to see how you’re coming along with your goal.

Though it can track your weight, it isn’t a full-on dieting app – it’s best combined with another weight loss app (like Apple Health, or a food tracking app).

Pros and Cons of Asana Rebel



  • Inexpensive yearly subscription
  • Clean, simple interface
  • A lot of features, including nutrition, sleep and meditation
  • No free trial
  • Expensive monthly subscription, so you have to opt for the annual one
  • Few options for beginner yoga 

Common Questions

Does Asana Rebel have a free trial?

Unfortunately, Asana Rebel doesn’t offer a free trial of its paid subscription. It does offer a free version, but it has very limited features.

Can you use your Asana Rebel subscription on multiple devices?

Yes, you can sign in to your Asana Rebel yoga app account on multiple devices. You can use it on a laptop, iPad or tablet, or iPhone or Android device. However, Asana Rebel cannot be used for family sharing.

How much does Asana Rebel cost?

Asana Rebel encourages its member to go for the annual subscription, which costs £35.99. A monthly subscription with Asana Rebel costs £15.49, which is a pretty insane price for a one month subscription (assumedly this is just trying to push users towards signing up for a full year subscription instead).

Overall Feedback – Is Asana Rebel worth it?

Asana Rebel is a pretty good workout app if you love yoga-based workouts. However, the workout options are pretty limited.

It is a shame that they don’t offer more substantial activities on the free version of the app, however, the annual subscription isn’t too expensive at only £34.99 for UK users.


If you’re new to yoga, there are other apps out there that may be more suited to you.

The best app for beginners is the Down Dog app, which is a great app for getting started with yoga.

If you’re intermediate to advanced in your yoga skills, then it may be worth taking a look to see if you can pick out any new workouts.

However, in my opinion, there are better apps out there that offer a more comprehensive workout selection and similar features to Asana Rebel for free.

My top recommendation would be the Nike Training Club app, which is one of the most popular apps if you’re on a budget.


To sum up, in our opinion the Asana Rebel app isn’t the best workout app out there if you’re looking for more variety in your workouts.

However, if you enjoy yoga-based workouts and are looking for an all-around healthy lifestyle app, then Asana Rebel could be the one for you. 

It does have various different programs you can follow, and the annual sub is reasonable enough that you may want to give the full version a try.

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