3 Great Apps like Wish for Cheap Shopping & Bargains

Wish is a popular e-commerce website and app that offers users a whole host of items at unusually low prices.

The platform connects buyers with sellers from all around the world, cutting out the middleman and the end result is hefty discounts. Think of it as a cheaper Amazon.

It all sounds great, right? Well, there is, of course, a downside to the cheap items listed on Wish – the other one being the fact that shipping and delivery times can sometimes stretch as long as 3-6 months.

If factors like this turn you away from Wish, but you’re still on the hunt for bargain items then you’ve landed in the right place.

In this article, we are going to look at the best Wish alternatives and tell you a little bit about each one. Let’s get started.

Apps like Wish – The top three


Joom is an app very similar to Wish – it is an e-commerce app where users can purchase items sold by suppliers from all over the world.

Joom, however, has a few caveats that make it stand out from Wish and make it not only a worthy competitor, but a viable alternative.

The first thing that stands Joom out from the crowd is the fact that you are eligible for FREE shipping on absolutely every item purchased on the app.

We’ve all faced that situation where you think you’ve found a good deal while online shopping and then you get hit with hefty shipping costs.

Well, that simply won’t happen if you shop on Joom as they guarantee free shipping on all items. If you are keen for a speedy delivery process, then you do have the option to pay for that.

The app itself is easy on the eye and more importantly, easy to navigate. The homepage is split into three tabs – best, stores and sale, with each one displaying different items.

If you are looking for something specific then you will need to tap the search bar on the top of the app and either type in the product you want or select one of their many categories if you want to browse that way.

As you navigate and browse through the app, Joom’s algorithm will be working overtime to ensure everything listed in the aforementioned ‘best’ tab are items most suited to you and your shopping interests.

If that isn’t enough, you can also turn notifications on every time the app drops a deal, meaning that you won’t miss out on any bargains.


If you want to go directly to supplier and skip the middle man of Wish, you should look at using a shopping app like AliExpress.

Many of the items you’ll find on sites like Wish are sourced from Chinese manufacturers, and that’s exactly what AliExpress does.

The single item version of bulk buying platform AliBaba, it can be used to get some great deals on anything from tech gadgets to children’s apparel.

It’s the ultimate platform when you can browse thousands of products sold directly from the supplier – meaning you get them at the very cheapest rate going.

You can download the AliExpress shopping app on both the App Store and the Google Play Store if you want to save money on your next purchase.


Zulily is an app that focuses more on clothing and footwear as opposed to Wish and Joom which offer just about everything to its users.

However, if it is clothes that you are after then there are few better places on the app store than Zulily in terms of selection and discounts. It is essentially a Wowcher but for clothes.

When you open up the app, you will be greeted by a home screen with the three tabs at the top of it – ends soon, new today and upcoming.

These tabs are all discount related, setting the tone right from the off that you ARE going to get bargains by using Zulily The first tab displays all of the in-app offers which are close to expiring, while the second tab displays all new offers.

The third tab, however, is the crown jewell of the Zulily app. It’s basically a sneak preview to all the upcoming discount codes and sales. Users are then able to turn notifications on for when the sales they like the sound/look of go live so they don’t miss out.

Aside from these three tabs, Zulily is very easy and straightforward to navigate. You can narrow down your search via their numerous categories or you can use the search button to type in specific items.

Facebook Marketplace

The final platform that we’d like to tell you about is Facebook Marketplace. Although this isn’t an app in its own right, it is connected to the Facebook app and provides users with a localised service where bargains are certainly to be had.

The vast majority of the goods sold on here are second hand, which is unlike the other apps we’ve discussed, but you can guarantee rapid delivery times and the occasional freebie.

Facebook Marketplace can be accessed by anyone who has an active Facebook account, which is a whopping 2.9 billion worldwide, meaning that there is a huge catalogue available to buyers.

However, the marketplace is best used as a tool for local buying and selling, with many buyers on the app preferring collections.

This also works out well for the buyers because it means you can get the item it double quick time and won’t have to fork out for delivery fees.

The way the tool works is really simple. Once you’ve logged in to your Facebook account, you need to select the three lined icon on the bottom right hand side of the Facebook app. From here, you need to select ‘marketplace’.

Now you’ve accessed the marketplace you are free to browse all available items with the app personalising the results on your homepage based on what you’ve bought and/or searched for in the past.

The best feature of Facebook Marketplace, in addition to the personalisation, is the radius setter. This is a way for users to hone in on local items, allowing them to only see items within a certain distance from their home.

To do this, users need to select their location, which can be found underneath the categories button, and then use the drag bar to set their allocated radius before hitting apply.

From then onwards, each search you do, and everything on your homepage, will only be items that are being sold within that radius.


All in all, there really are tons of apps and websites out there that provide users with a huge catalogue of shopping avenues.

There are many different Wish alternatives to look at, so if you’re having issues with the app (like the common orders pending issue in Wish), look at using one of the suggested above instead.

Which one you opt for will largely be down to personal preference. Having said that, we would absolutely urge everyone reading this to take a look at the three apps we’ve spoken about within this article – we are confident that you won’t be disappointed by any of them.

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