Best Apps for Video Editing for mobile

Downloading a video editing app for Android or iPhone can help you to create amazing videos, whether you’re looking to upload to your socials or something more professional.

We’re going to run through some of the most useful video editing apps to use for your smartphone.

Adobe Premiere Rush – For professional looking videos

Premiere Rush is probably one of the most well known mobile editing apps, and it’s definitely still in the top editing apps that you can download to your phone.

The clue is in the name, and Premiere Rush is made specifically for those that are looking to edit videos at a professional level whilst on the go (however, it’s also available on Desktop as well as on mobile).

It’s one of the best video editor apps for simple video editing – it is good for beginners, and it is designed to be used across a variety of different devices.

Though it can be used by beginners, it can also be very helpful for pro users too, as there’s a lot of different editing settings that you can use within the app.

This innovative and intuitive application supports high resolution editing, and has the many advanced features you’ll find on other Adobe software including layering, overlays, graphics and even soundtracks too.

Premiere Rush offers an excellent video editing solution for any influencer or streamer looking to edit their videos.

A straightforward user interface that is easy to use, the app makes uploading videos from the app easy – it makes it possible to edit high quality videos to be watched on desktop and mobile devices, so it’s worth checking out.

InShot App – Best user experience

Potentially the most well known video editing apps for Android, InShot is also available to iOS users, and it’s definitely worth considering if you need to create videos to a high standard.

This app is perfect for Instagram and social media use and is helpful for creating photos and images collages, as you can easily add borders and filters to your images before uploading them to your social media channels.

Similarly, you can also use filtering and editing for your videos too, as it’s possible for you to add music and voiceovers to your videos, as well as the ability to add text overlays too.

The software offers volume control on both downloadable movies or audio mp3. The filter you can use on both photos and videos with the mobile video editor.

This is the best Android software to make video editing easier on the phone. It has professional features all wrapped into a free app that provides a great video editing experience.


Available for iOS and Android, VivaVideo editor offers a wide selection of editing tools that can be used to edit your videos.

This includes blurring backgrounds, cutting and cropping videos and adding visual effects to your clips too. It’s a simple but effective video editing tool that can be used easily without much experience.

Once you’ve made the video, whether it’s in 720p, 1080p or in 4K, you can then export it to your favourite smartphone app – you can make short snappy clips for TikTok or a full movie if you want.

You can also use the VivaVideo app to add subtitles to videos, though it may not be as professional and effect as some specialist alternatives. But overall, it’s another great video editing app that be used for basic video editing.


One of the most well known video editing apps, KineMaster has a good range of features you can use to tweak your video clips.

What it’s most well known for is its templates, with many of them already in the app. All you need to do is upload your own images and videos to the app to replace those in the template and you’ll already have a professional looking video.

You can also add multiple audio tracks to your videos too, which can help when you want to add background music to one of your videos. You can also add custom motion graphics when needed too.

For those looking to upload to socials often, KineMaster might be the perfect video editing app for this.

Templates and a whole lot of customisation make it one of the best video editing apps you can use on mobile for creating clips.


Smartphones nowadays have all different kinds of functionality, with video editing being increasingly popular for mobile apps. This makes sense, as one of the most popular selling points for phones are its camera and its functionality.

So, users want the ability to heavily edit these videos ready for uploading to their Instagram or TikTok account.

Amateur videographers are being born every day, and they can now carry an efficient pocket-sized studio for shooting and editing their films.

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