Can you use Apple maps offline?

The Map app for iPhone is compatible with most other apps on your phone, and if you’ve been using iOS for a while, you may have gotten used to how it works. One thing that many users want to know is how to use Apple maps offline.

These kinds of offline features are beneficial when driving in certain areas that have no cellular connectivity at all, so having the ability to download maps in advance can be a massive advantage.

Can I use Apple Maps offline?

Downloading a map offline can be a good way to keep yourself safe if you lose your connection to the internet. However, unfortunately Apple Maps is not capable of downloading maps for offline use.

The Apple Maps app can be used for the most part when you’re in areas with signal, but even if it drops for a moment, Apple Maps can stop working.

This renders map useless, because it will be unable to guide people to their destination, even if you have data left on your device.

If you use the iPhone, you could try and find offline maps in your browser. However, realistically you have to switch to the other map providers.

It is thankfully possible to find alternative ways too. Here’s what we recommend that you do if you want to download offline maps on an iPhone.

You can’t use Apple Maps offline — The best alternative for navigating without an internet connection

Apple Maps becomes an effective and user-friendly mobile app for iPhones. Although it could be great, this app requires internet access during travel.

The good thing is that are are some alternatives – we’ve already checked out the best offline maps you can use if you want a full rundown on which offline maps app you should use longterm.

However, if you’re looking for something to use temporarily then we’d recommend that you download Google maps.

This alternative map app is very similar to Apple Maps – in fact, many users think that it’s actually better than Apple’s maps.

Google Maps allows you the ability to download maps within the app for later. This is a must if you’re going to an area with little to no signal, as when your signal drops you’ll still have access to maps.

In conclusion

You can save a location from Google Maps to a smartphone or tablet to be able to access when you’re offline. However, you’re not able to do this with Apple Maps, which can be pretty frustrating.

The offline map download is not possible across all regions due to contracts restrictions, language support, address formats and other reasons. So, it’s worth downloading another map app instead to help you get where you need to go.

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