AllMyLinks vs Linktree: Which should you use?

Both Linktree and AllMyLinks are marketing tools, which allow you to create a customisable page filled with your important links. These pages can be shared across different social platforms, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok. This can help you market your business or brand.

Marketing tools like these are especially useful when platforms, such as Instagram, don’t allow you to have more than one link in your bio. Linktree and AllMyLinks allow you to condense all your links into one linkable page.

Both platforms are similar in terms of functionality and purpose, but there are some differences between the two. We’ll go through the pros and cons of each platform, and compare the two in this review.

AllMyLinks vs Linktree

AllMyLinks is considered to be the best Linktree alternative when it comes to create a quick free landing page of your social media links. They both allow you to add a link in bio to your custom landing page, which is why there’s often compared.

But there’s actually a bit more to these apps than just landing pages and the ability to add multiple links – especially with Linktree. We’ll cover some basic aspects of the two marketing tools, starting with their free/premium versions.

Free vs Premium

A benefit of using AllMyLinks over Linktree, is that AllMyLinks is completely free to use. There is no premium or subscription service you can pay for. The service is simply free to use.

Linktree is also free to use, but there is a pro version you can pay for. It is a monthly subscription service, at a price of as low as a few dollars per month.

As Linktree grows, the prices and packages they offer grows with it – at the time of writing, their starter plan is €4 a month in Europe (or €3 monthly if you sign up annually).

The Pro version allows you to use QR codes, use secret codes, schedule links, collect emails/phone numbers from your audience, see what countries/channels are driving traffic, and much more.

There’s also an annual plan for Pro too, where you can pay €72.00 ($80.00) per year. This is a discounted price for the pro version.

However, Linktree’s free plan offers a fair amount of benefits. It provides the most vital features, such as analytics, unlimited links, page customisation, and payment collection.


Overall, if don’t wish to pay for a subscription service, AllMyLinks is the most suitable choice. You can access all the features with no restrictions, whereas Linktree has many restrictions and locked features for free users.

Nonetheless, Linktree does provide the basic necessities in their free plan. They don’t restrict the amount of links you can place, and most of the locked features are not necessary features.


Both Linktree and AllMyLinks have a wide variety of features. Many of these features are shared between the two, though you’ll get more with the Pro version of Linktree.

Shown below are some of the features from each platform, as well as their availability on the different platforms.

Unlimited LinksFreeFree
Customisable PageFreeFree
Earn MoneyFreeFree
Use Advanced AnalyticsFreePro
Customisable ThumbnailFreePro
Use QR codesPro
Collect Emails/Phone NumbersPro
Animated BackgroundsPro
Imbed Google SheetsPro
Facebook Conversion APIPro
Team AccessPro
Priority LinksPro
Schedule LinksPro

Overall, Linktree offers more features, but most of them require a subscription to access. AllMyLinks offers fewer features, but doesn’t require payment in order to use them.

Depending on your requirements or needs, Linktree could be the more suitable option. If you want the advanced featured and advanced analytics, then it may prove to be a better choice.

However, AllMyLinks offers all the basic features, and it’s free. Thus, it’s the more desirable option if you’re looking to use a basic marketing tool and a free Linktree alternative.



  • Free to use.
  • Easy to use.
  • Large variety of features.
  • Cheap subscription price.
  • Free version allows unlimited links.
  • Free version allows basic analytics.
  • Free version allows users to receive payment from their audience.
  • Can customise pages.
  • Can customise thumbnails.
  • Can link to any place.
  • Can share links to various platforms.
  • Can earn money.
  • Can schedule links/posts.
  • Can use QR codes.


  • Requires a subscription to access all features.
  • Advanced analytics is only available to paying users.
  • Limited customisation options for free users.



  • Free to use.
  • No subscription service.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can earn money.
  • Can earn a 90% payout on sales.
  • Can link to any place.
  • Can share links to various platforms.
  • Can customise pages.
  • Can customise thumbnails.
  • Receive payments immediately.


  • Fewer features.

Common Questions

Is Linktree free?

Yes, Linktree is free to use. However, some features are locked or restricted unless you pay for the pro version. The free plans offer the basic necessary features, so Linktree is still very usable as a free marketing tool.

Is AllMyLinks free?

Yes, AllMyLinks is completely free to use. There is no pro version or subscription you can pay for. All the features are free to use without restrictions.

How much is Linktree?

Linktree has two subscription plans. One is a monthly plan, with a price of $6.00 per month. The other plan is an annual plan, which is a discounted price at $60.00 per year ($5.00 per month). Both plans offer the same benefits.


In conclusion, AllMyLinks is much friendlier and suitable for free users. You can access all their features for free with no restrictions. It is completely risk-free to use in terms of cost, as there’s no subscription service to pay for. You can try out the service and leave if you wish to, with no money lost.

Linktree, on the other hand, does require a bit of risk if you were to pay for the pro version. There is no free trial as well, so there’s a possibility that you won’t like the pro version after you pay for it.

However, Linktree does offers a larger variety of features than AllMyLinks. Depending on your purpose, Linktree may be the more suitable choice. Most of these features are only available in the pro version, though. Just be careful when purchasing the pro version, as there is no trial period.

Read through the benefits of the pro version before purchasing it. You can find information about their subscription plan by going to

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