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In the modern day, captioning is required for videos – otherwise, you’re likely to receive complaints and you’ll find that some users struggle without them. Adding subtitles to your videos is an easy way to make your videos accessible.

There are a variety of different ways that you can add subtitles to your videos. Here’s some of the best options when it comes to adding subtitles to your video automatically.


MixCaptions was developed specifically for this reason, to make video content easy to access. The speech recognition software that it uses is extremely good, and allows it to add accurate subtitles in your spoken language.

Its available for iOS and is free to download on the App store, and you can also download it from the Google Play store for Android too.

The app has been designed primarily as a support tool for those who use social media, and it makes adding video subtitles to your videos extremely easy.

MixCaptions is the perfect solution if you’re looking for subtitle creator for short Instagram and Facebook videos – this will allow you to reach new audiences through the addition of captions in videos.

Using an app like MixCaptions will immediately help boost viewing times and popularity by providing subtitles. The app now includes 20+ languages, and if you’re looking for a simple add subtitles to video app, we recommend downloading MixCaptions first.


Kaptioned is another similar app that allows you to upload captured videos and get those videos automatically transcribed.

You can create a fresh video or choose a new video from your Gallery, then the app will auto generate subtitles based on the audio from your video.

In the app, the language menu appears after adding the audio, but you can then pick your own language to add to the app.

One good thing is that you can select two languages to show at the same time, which can come in extremely useful if you’re trying to satisy more than just the English market.

The editor is that is provided works well, and although it’s another pretty simple video captions app, it does the job well. It’s available to download to iOS or an Android device.

4 Professional Alternatives for Browser Based Edits

Adding captions to a YouTube video can be a challenge, and it’s not easy if you’re trying to do this from an app.

If you can, it may be worth switching to using a laptop or browser based solution – especially for professional subtitle adding.

This list contains the most useful applications to automatically add subtitles to videos when it comes to software programs that are browser-based. is a well known video editor, though many users aren’t away they also provide a free subtitle option. Though it’s not an app, you can gain internet access directly through the browser.

The tool provides the option to create subtitles automatically, as it is possible for an automated generator to add or upload subtitles to your videos. Or, you can manually add your .SRT file to the video yourself and the app will merge them together.

It includes your captions and a free download of videos that can be edited to any format. Veed is more than just a subtitles creator, though if you want to add automatic transcriptions to your videos it’s a solid choice.


Kapwing is another web-based platform that offers an auto transcribe feature that makes it easier to add subtitles to video.

You can add captions to video clips instantly. This program does not use captions only, it is a complete video editing system. Then upload your video URL and edit it yourself.

To automatically translate subtitles, you need to register free of charge. You can then upload your video, and Kapwing will use artificial intelligence to generate the subtitle file for your videos.

After you’ve finished, you can then download your videos automatically and upload them to your preferred social media to increase engagement – whether that be Facebook or TikTok.

You can also use Kapwing for YouTube videos too, as it’s an accurate software that’s good for professional editing.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is another professional option for those looking for more customization options – you can easily adjust the size and placement layout of your subtitles with this Adobe.

The best thing about this option is that you’ll get access to thousands of different fonts with Adobe, which gives you the option for animated text and more advanced features that you won’t get with a basic captioning app.

Adding subtitles to your videos online is simple enough with this tool. You can also add photo effects to your finished product too, which can make your YouTube videos stand out from the crowd.

And, most surprisingly of all with Adobe, the free version is actually pretty good. So, if you have a need for closed captions, more colour grading and the ability to add text backgrounds, it might be worth checking out Adobe Express.

Rev Captioning

Rev is a more comprehensive service offering transcriptions of videos, captions and subtitles to video users.

Although it’s not an app, Rev can be found via your browser via the Rev website. Users can simply upload your video files and use one of many captioning integrations that rev offers – they do pretty much everything for you.

To be clear, the company will add subtitles for you – it’s a paid service, so a level above a simple free video footage app. The company promises users the most convenient service as opposed to mixing the content.

This is a manual service, but if you want 100% accuracy when you add captions to video, it may be worth paying for.


Often today, many people prefer watching films with subtitles – not only this, but the addition of captioning has made a dramatic difference in making films and TV accessible to those with hearing difficulties.

Fortunately, you can usually add subtitles and captions to videos without having any difficulty, as these software can make things simpler for you. It’s possible to upload videos and get them subtitled automatically, or by manually adding them yourself.

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