Top 1 megabyte games that take up minimal space

Simple games can often be the best games. Not every game needs complex gameplay or high resolution graphics to be enjoyable, and the best part of fairly simple games is that they take up less space on your device.

But how can you find these 1MB games? Well, here’s a list of games that you’ll want to consider if you have low storage space on your mobile.

Top 1 MB games that don’t take a lot of space

When you install games on your phone, storage space often at times can be a defining factor as to whether or not that game is worthwhile.

However, Google Play and the App Store have low-storage games that are just as fun as some of the 60+ GB games you have for PlayStation and other devices. They range from very basic games to retro games, first-person shooters, puzzlers, and platformers.

Tanks/World of Tanks Blitz


World of Tanks Blitz is our favourite Android tank game that’s free for both iOs and Android smartphones. It’s a multiplayer game that has a lot of players, and the MMO offers high graphics for a simple enough game. There’s also a console and desktop version of World of Tanks, too.

If you’re on iPhone, then you can also look at playing Tanks on GamePigeon. This is a simpler version of Tanks, but it’s still the most popular for iOs users.



Fur-Guardians is a low-storage game that is super fun, you defeat enemies on different levels set in the land of Fur-Guardia. You play a fur guardian, basically a really cute bunny that is tasked with protecting the land against threats.

Levels that are given are randomly generated and there are customizable characters, where you can change the colour of the fur etc. The gameplay is in 16-bit so isn’t super fancy but it will scratch the itch when it comes to basic platformers.

Size of the game: 787KB

Doodle Cricket


Doodle Cricket is really cute you control a bunch of cartoon crickets that play cricket against a group of cartoon snails. But the snails, although slow have a decent level of skill in the game. Your goal is to hit the ball as far as possible to earn points.

Once you swing and miss the ball your turn is over so you have to get used to swinging and hitting exactly right to get the highest score because who wants to be beaten by a bunch of snails? Doodle Cricket is completely free and available on both iOS and Android devices, so it’s worth checking it out.

Size of the game: 310KB



This is a sliding tile puzzle game and hits the 1MB mark fully but it is really addictive and fun to play. I2048 is a puzzle game about maths, I know I’m not really selling it here but you kind of have to try it to see what I’m talking about. The goal is to get a single tile to add up to 2048, which sounds simple but it really isn’t.

Size of the game: 1MB

The Ludo


Ludo starts with four tokens that are placed in each player’s box at the start. Then a die is rolled in turns by each player. A player’s token is placed on the starting point when a 6 is rolled and the main goal is to take all four tokens inside the ‘home’ area before your opponent manages to take them.

You can change the number of players to 2, 3, or 4 depending on your preference, and is a really fun game to play if you are struggling to sleep or just want to relax.

Size of the game: 1MB

City Block


City Block is a simulation game that works around driving vehicles. You can play an emergency responder, a police officer, an ambulance driver, or a fire person. Alternatively, you can be a refuse collector, a tractor, or a taxi driver. Each one has a different mission that you can take on depending on which vehicle you choose from the collection. For example:

  • Police car: Protect and serve. Arrest thieves and robbers in high-speed car chases, and find the missing children.
  • Firetruck: Extinguish fires and save peoples’ homes.
  • Ambulance: Take the injured people to the hospital – fast.
  • Garbage truck: Keep your town clean.
  • Tractor: Plough, sow and harvest the wheat of the farm while keeping the sheep out of the carrot land.
  • Taxi: Take your customers to their destinations, they will reward you for speed.

Size of the game: 1MB

The Archer 3:- Bird Slaughter


The Archers 3 is a game about deadly birds having taken over the world. As the player, you take them down with a bow and arrow from a platform. The more bords you kill the more points you earn, then you can upgrade your bow and arrow to better, more accurate versions to help kill more birds. You can also earn apples that help you unlock up to 500 challenges.

Size of the game: 1MB

Stickman and Gun 3


Stickman and Gun 3 is a zombie shooter game, probably my favourite on the list because I love any zombie-themed game. The stickmen in the game kill zombies that are also stickmen but green, and you collect money for each zombie kill you accrue. It’s your mission to survive the zombie apocalypse.

The money you earn can then be used to buy more lethal weapons that help you upgrade yourself to the best shooter. You can get new warriors and customize your stickmen heroes to look even cooler as you work your way to the best rooting, tooting zombie shooting stickman the world has ever seen.

Size of the game: 1MB

Hexagon King


A relatively simple but addictive game, Hexagon King is only available on Android phones. However, if you have an Android smartphone then this game is worth downloading if you’re after some simple fun.

The objective of the game is simple – make sure the hexagon doesn’t fall from the tower. This is a simple enough Android game with a nice user interface, and spending a few hours on it makes for a great way to eat up some time.


In conclusion, here we have covered a handful of low-storage games that are now available on Android and iOS. When it comes to low MB games that won’t take up all of your storage space, there’s quite a lot of different options to choose from. You may also want to check out;

  • Pixel Kingdom
  • Hoppenhelm
  • Chess game
  • Snake game
  • Space Cowboy
  • Pixel Slime

These games are ideal for chilling out and don’t take much commitment in terms of gameplay or engagement. You can pick all of these games up if you feel like it because the storage they take up is so low you won’t even notice them on your phone if you choose not to play them.

Hopefully, now you have some ideas on games you can waste time with if you are stuck in a queue or you just generally want to play something that doesn’t require too much brainpower.

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